Bishop, Dr. James Walden

Bishop James Walden answered the call of God in 1965. In 1966 he attended Bethel Bible College in Jamaica and later studied at the Theological Seminary in Miami, Florida. During his over 43 years of ministry, he has served as pastor, bible teacher, international speaker, evangelist, mentor and songwriter. He pastored in his homeland of Jamaica from 1972 to 1976. He later moved to Miami, Florida, where he founded the Perrine New Testament Church of God in October 1979 with nine members. Bishop Walden has led the congregation for over 35 years to a current membership of more than one thousand.

Bishop Walden is recognized as a gifted preacher/teacher with the gifts of healings, word of knowledge and faith. On a regular basis Kingdom Builders Ministries experience the manifestations of the Spirit where healings, miracles and deliverances are evident. Bishop James Walden who has the gifts of healings is used mightily by God to heal all manner of diseases such as cancer, tumors, arthritis, A.I.D.S., heart conditions etc. Individuals would leave the services healed and delivered from whatever had them bound. In many instances God gives Bishop James Walden a word of knowledge or ministers through him by the laying on of hands and immediately healings and deliverances are made evident.

Under his leadership, the church has become known for its missions and benevolence ministries. The ministry distributes food, clothes and other goods locally and internationally. He founded a Preschool-- Little Angels Academy-- and a School of Ministry in Perrine Florida.

Bishop James Walden has received numerous awards including: Bethel Bible College Alumni Association award for outstanding service; a Special Community Leadership award on behalf of the Kingdom Builders Ministries; and the 2002 Clergy of the Year award given by Unique Coalition of Minority Businesses of South Dade.

On October 9, 2009, Bishop James Walden was officially inducted into the Hall of Prophets at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Bishop Walden has been instrumental in establishing at least four churches which grew out of his ministry as well as mentoring and sending forth numerous ministers, pastors and evangelists throughout the United States of America.

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